International Wine and Spirit Education Institute

IWSI - Welcome

If you are a teacher or want to open a new wine training school - let us know. We can help you both in setting up a new school or to run an already existing practice better.

Why Choose Our Company


We see the

1 Thirst for wine education

2 The advancement of technology

as the two most important factors.

We build our business on these trends.

How are we better?

Courses you set up with us are

1 Friendly and fun

2 Informative

3 Professional

With us you can offer a range of certifications, available as online and/or on-site courses.

What we give to you

If you want to teach others about wine & spirit tasting and wine-making

If you are a training provider in the field of wine and spirits, you can get everything from us: not only teaching materials but customers, as well. We will show you the ways how to find students. As such, we are not only a training content, material and license provider but also an enabler of your business.

If you are new to wine education

We can help you to start off - from zero. All in 30 days. And you will have your up and running, profitable wine education business.

Areas we help

Over the years we understood deeply what moves students to sign up to courses you will provide. And this know-how is available to you. We help you in every step.

What is trending. What people are listening to - now.

How to develop a customer base - that will be happy and will return to you. Our return rates are 30%-40% and up.
We help you in all the steps to set up your full online presence. Both for marketing, trust towards customers but also for online courses. We have ready-made templates for all.
We help you to watch how your local brand grows. And help you in adjustments.
Also we help you in placing ads in a way so as you make money on each and every ad. No wasted outlays.

Reach us

Working Hours

Monday to Friday: 09:00am – 4:45pm